Nuusbrief 16 September


Newsletter 16 September


Gr 1 parents 2017

UPDATE ON 2017 GRADE 1 ADMISSIONS : Dear parents; we are struggling with the on-line system for Grade 1 registration in 2017. Please note that you may receive a message in the next few days saying your child has been accepted / declined. Please ignore these messages as they are NOT VALID. The status of

Discipline Parent Letter Gr 4 – 7

Dissipline Ouerbrief Gr 4 – 7

160208 Dissipline Ouerbrief

SGB Communication/ SBL Kommunikasie

SGB Communication/SBL Kommunikasie

SGB Think Tank Introduction 2015

Code of Conduct for learners 2015

Code of conduct for learners 2014

Gedragskode vir leerders 2015

Gedragskode vir leerders 2014