Hockey Camp for the senior boys and girls

On Friday 17April our senior hockey teams left for an exciting time on tour. With the girls clearly very excited singing along to all and every song playing on the radio  in the bus. They learned a lot and also had a lot of fun as seen in these pictures. They are prepped and ready


On Tuesday 21 April our school was open for registration and the parents showed up in their masses. Since 05:30 the streets were filled with cars and parents standing in line to register their children. Thankfully our staff was fully prepared and equipped to handle the large amount of parents.  At 17:30 the long day of

Assessment Plan Gr 4 term 2

Assessmentplan Grade 4 Term 2

Assessmentplan Gr 4, term 2

Assesseringsplan Graad 4 Kwartaal 2

Dories newsletter (8) 15 Apr 2015

Dories 15 Apr 2015 (8)

Gr 7, Term 2, Afr & Eng Assessment Plan

Graad 7 Eng Afr Term 2 assesseringsplan

Gr 6, Term 2, Afr & Eng Assessment Plan

Graad 6 Afr en Eng termyn 2 2015 ass plan

New daily roster term 2 for Gr 4 – 7


Dories newsletter (6) 16 Maart 2015

Dories 16 Mrt 2015 (6)

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