Nuusbrief 22 Junie 2015

Nuusbrief Afrikaans 22 junie

Newsletter 22 June 2015

Newsletter English 22 june

Gr R excursion – Rocky Ridge mini town visit!

Photos Crazy Critters Show Gr 1 – 3

SGB Communication/ SBL Kommunikasie

SGB Communication/SBL Kommunikasie

SGB Think Tank Introduction 2015

My 1st day in the Big school

The final day has arrived for most of our new learners to be seperated from mommy and daddy. While most couldn't wait to meet new friends and just have a playful day there will always be some that won't let go of mommies leg. Whether it was the new dories learner or the new dories

Dissiplinêre sisteem Gr 4-7

Gr 4 – 7 Dissiplinêre Sisteem

Code of Conduct for learners 2015

Code of conduct for learners 2014

Gedragskode vir leerders 2015

Gedragskode vir leerders 2014