The first owner of Doringkloof was the Voortrekker: Daniel Jacobus Erasmus. He had five sons of which the fourth called his farm Doringkloof.

It is also an interesting fact that President Paul Kruger met his second wife at this farm at a social function. Daniel Jacobus Erasmus, the fourth son, had three sons of his own. Two of these sons sold their part of the farm to the immigrant Alois Hugo Nellmapius. Later the Northern section of the farm was also sold to Nellmapius and it is on this section that our school was built. The school was officially opened on 3 August 1978 with 530 learners. Twenty-three teachers as well as two administrative staff members supported the acting headmaster Mr. E Kuyper. Eight of the teachers were transferred from Irene Primary school and two form Louis Leipoldt. The rest of the staff came from all over the former Transvaal Province ( Gauteng). The facilities were scarce at the beginning; there were no sport fields or playgrounds. The permanent Headmaster, Dr B J Opperman was appointed in 1979. The school had 600 learners at the time. The sports fields and playgrounds developed rapidly under his supervision. He sadly passed away unexpectedly on 16 January 1982. Mr. J Barnard the Deputy Headmaster of Laerskool Swartkop acted as headmaster until Dr SP Viljoen was appointed as permanent headmaster in Jan 1983. The school had by that time grown to 760 learners.

A new era and century approached the school, the school changed into a paralel medium school. Dr Viljoen retired in 2006 and Me W Claassen is our current Principal. The school currently has more than 1000 learners.


In 1978 there was only grass and bushes to be seen. An open field in Limpopo Avenue and The Irene Oval was used to practice sports. During 1979 the teachers and the headmaster themselves helped to plough fields and plant grass. Dr. Opperman and the male teachers laid the cement alongside the hall as well as the quad. Everyone worked hard, planted more trees and shrubs and slowly the school fields were formed. Two tennis courts were built. In Dr Viljoen's time the all weather tennis courts were laid, a second rugby field was laid out and floodlights were erected on both rugby fields. Our school was the first Primary school with floodlights in Gauteng. The school's old irrigation system has been developed into an extended micro-irrigation system. Bicycle stands and extras were added through the years for example the mural brick wall at the front entrance. Through the years pavilions have been erected as well as the motorised gates. The old fence around the school is currently being replaced by a palisade fence. A Lapa was added for recreational activities as well as for the new Tuck shop.

Our school is now 32 years old.